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Orlando Discount Hotels

Budget Hotels Orlando.comis fast becoming Orlando's best hotel discounter.

Budget Hotels Orlando.com is a local discount hotel room wholesaler working with the smallest markups.
We offer you the best hotel room value.

We offer lower discount hotel rates than travelocity.com, orbitz.com and other .coms + we are local!!

If you don't mind sitting through an Orlando timeshare promotion, register and receive cheap tickets and a great hotel rate!

Low Hotel Rates! We often get asked why we can offer lower rates than the Hotels themselves?
The answer is that we deal in high volume.
We contract with hotels to increase their occupancy, and in return we obtain low wholesale rates for rooms and suites.

The savings are then passed on to you.
Since hotels are hardly ever 100% filled, we provide a useful service to the hotel as well as to the individual guest.
Hotels are glad to increase their occupancy for a lesser rate, and guest appreciate the price breaks.

Select a hotel area and we'll do the rest to ensure an enjoyable stay.
Please note that we work with the most available inventory and we may need 24 hours notice to confirm reservation based on hotel's booking schedule.

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